Willhelm Röntgen

Willhelm Röntgen, also known as Conrad to his friends, is the german inventor and Nobel Prize winner of my wife’s camera of choice. She (my wife, not Conrad) is a professional studio photographer working with kids, and so when we were looking at great scientists and inventors to include in our SiPgoes53 series, Willhelm went straight to the shortlist. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the inventor of the X-Ray camera and inspiration to the 111th element, roentgenium.

There are many other interesting pieces in Willhelm’s life that can inspire you in this week’s episode of SiPgoes53. From being falsely accused and expelled from high school in Utrecht without a diploma, over a marriage of true love to being a big believer of free and open source research without patents.
My inspiration in Wilhelm story is my wife the unknown.
The hidden message.
The image that is hidden from one’s eye.
The limitations overcome.

Our First X-Ray

The first time Wivi took an image of a sealed minifig bag was in January 2012. She needed some extra materials to calibrate her big camera at work, and good old Me2 (my plastic alter ego) posted it on IG.

Fast forward

Since W. is working with kids and big cameras need some calibration once in a while, it has been great fun to look inside sealed bags and keep that pristine untouched feeling, yet being 100% sure of what is in it.

A sneak preview into Party Series last year …

And when we earlier this year were looking how we could shoot the NASA Eagle in a different way, Wivi took it to work and came back with this wonderful homage to both Wilhelm Röntgen and the NASA crew.

And here is a behind the scene of the magic at work in Wivi’s studio, Astrid Lindgrens Children hospital.

So what will inspire you in this weeks person?

Will you explore the LEGO Hospital 60204 second floor which has a full-blown X-Ray department, or will you go beyond the obvious and maybe bring in some space ships and X-Ray guns. Your imagination is the limit. Be inspired by what you cannot see. And believe, like Wilhelm, in your dreams…

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