Meet Donald

After several SiPgoes52 Feature Friday interviews, we’re finally leaving Europe for the USA… Today we have our weekly chat around a virtual cup of coffee with Donald Vandervoort from New York!

About Donald

I’m 56 years old and live in Brooklyn NY all life. I love traveling throughout the United States on my motorcycle and I carry my LEGO sigfig with me to document my trips. I play the guitar from time to time. I’ve been into photography on and off since I was a teenager.

Donald’s sigfig with his motorcycle.

I started taking pictures of toys about 12 or more years ago. I started taking pictures of Stikfas. They were ball and joint socket figures that were customizable. You could add clay and paint them to make different types of action figures. I belonged to a community that customized them and would take pictures of my creations to share with them.

Donald’s Stikfas sigfig.

That led me to meet Wiiman. I saw his pictures of LEGO figures and started collecting them and taking pictures of them too. I joined Instagram and started seeing more and more toy photographers and the rest is history.

Donald’s beginnings on Instagram.

I like the variety of characters LEGO makes and find them perfect for photography. I’ve been collecting all sorts of action figures since I was young and was always interested in making stop motion stories with them but that never happened. Taking pictures of them was a bit easier. I always carry my sigfig with me because I never know where I might find a great photo opportunity.

When Donald is not photographing his sigfig.

Some of my friends actually like the idea of me taking pictures of toys. But there are also those that think I am too old to play with toys and take pictures of them. It’s okay though, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Donald and SiPgoes52

Recently, I was slowing down on my photography and felt SiPgoes52 would give me an opportunity to take more pictures. I like the idea of a given word and then try and figure out what is my interpretation of it in a toy photograph.

One of my favorite photos is the one for week 26, Quality. The picture shows my sigfig and the sigfig I made for my godson, playing video games and eating pizza together. It’s one way we have bonded.


I’m looking forward to Inspiration (next week’s word). Hopefully, I will figure out how to put that into a picture.

I want to complete SiPgoes52. I have been late on a few, but so far I’ve completed each word given. I’ve learned it’s not easy to create an image using one word as a basis. Though some have come easier than others. It helps challenge me and I enjoy that aspect of it.

Let’s thank Donald for spending time with us! Be sure to check the upcoming adventures of his sigfig on Instagram at @donaldsshadow.

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4 years ago

Donald, so great to see the man behind the figure.

Next weeks word, inspiration is indeed a most interesting one. And you are not alone on missing a few. I have to catch up a lot. Now, we are exploring also how we can engage more around the words we are exploring (and give each other creative support) here on the forum.

4 years ago

Great to learn more about you!
Inpisration is also a word I’m looking forward to. I’ve had a photo for that word since the beginning of the year and it’s been a long long wait!

Oh and I had never heard of those Stikfas before :O

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