The boys are back in town

The guys from HispaBrick did it again. They are back with another amazing issue of HispaBrick Magazine. This time they call it number 31.

31 – The number

In number 31 you can see how AFOLs enjoy events in different countries like Japan, (Japan BrickFest), Chile (Brickfest Chile) or Denmark (LEGO® World Copenhagen).

From Japan to Paris

The HispaBrick Boys and Girls visit LEGOLAND Japan and have Masao Hidaka showing us how you can build a monorail with current LEGO pieces.  The one and only Julien Ballester form Stuck In Plastic (yep, yep, that is us) tells you all about Stuck in Plastic’s annual toy photography safari, this time in the city of París.

And if you want to see what Julien has to tell, then go download your copy right now.

Designers and Trophy Winners alike

There is more. The HispaBrick gang talk to Jamie Berard, design manager specialist for Creator Expert and LEGO Architecture and Quinten, winner of the 2018 LEGO Ideas Trophy Design Contest to just name a few.

Minidolls andLEGO Wildlife

And we are sure that Maëlick will be interested in KOCKICE Corner where we find another installment of the Minidolls vs Minifigures comparison and an article about the different animals LEGO has produced.

The Cover Art (yes we are proud)

Now, before you head over to the download page (available straight from this article) we are very proud of being on the cover magazine of HispaBrick. The cover art is truly a collaboration of creatives and represents in so many ways the fun we have. The location scout of this image was no-one else as Julien. The man behind the lens and creative madness of traveling with T-Rex in his pocket, Maëlick. Fill light provided by Stefan. Key lights by Karine. And Boris Crash Test Dummy nicely “crashed” the shoot while a dozen other creative toy photographers where hanging around, giving advice or taking their own images just outside the viewfinder. 

Image credits – The Creative Collective of Toy Photographers Stuck In Plastic

You can download HispaBrick Magazine straight from the HispaBrick downloads page:

And once you are done reading the magazine, go and enjoy the awesome new website of HispaBrick

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5 years ago

Awesome read. And a very nice article on Paris, Julien.

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