And the best wizards are…

Last month, we ran a fun little contest in collaboration with LEGO and Frobricks, Cheepjokes, and Toy Photographers around the Harry Potter and Wizarding World theme. After much deliberation, the four communities finally came to an agreement of the grand winner and the two runners-up of #LEGODarkArts.

Special Mention

Before announcing the winners, let’s look at the runners-up. These entries didn’t make the final selection from the jury composed of Frostbricks, Cheepjokes, Toy Photographers and us, but we believe they would also have all deserved to win. So many great entries.




Before announcing the grand winner, let’s first announce the two runners-up.

Congratulations @ilcarota and @minifiguresadventures.

You both get a copy of:

  • 75955 – Hogwarts™ Express
  • 71022 LEGO® Minifigures Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™ collection

And the Grand Beewinner is

Congratulations @fourbrickstall , you are the proud winner of this challenge and the lucky owner of your own little castle and private train amongst a full box of awesomeness, all provided by The LEGO Group.

  • 71043 Hogwarts Castle
  • 75955 – Hogwarts™ Express
  • 71022 LEGO® Minifigures Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™ collection

Thank You All

Finally, we really want to thank all of you for joining in the fun, and hopefully, we see you soon for another creative challenge! Thanks again.

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5 years ago

Congratulations to everyone that joined in the fun. I had real fun creating mine.

I am totally happy for , @ilcarota and @minifiguresadventures to enjoy their LEGO toys. Can’t wait to see the pictures they will come up with :)

Fabio Broggi
5 years ago
Reply to  Boris

thank you boris! i’m so proud of this prize! it was very funny and tricky for me taking those pictures :) I’m probably one of the few in the world who never read or watched harry potter movies and books, so I had to learn about it while shooting…

5 years ago
Reply to  Fabio Broggi

That makes it even more great :)

5 years ago

Woopsie. Wrong post.

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