Fame (I’m gonna live forever)

Do you remember her name? LEGO sure does, bringing us right back to the 80s with the Minifigures Series 17 Dance Instructor. Striped spandex pants, oversized shirt, sweatbands and poodle hair is straight out of the famed New York dance studio. Just hum the song and you’re right there.

Her first students were a Stormtrooper squad. They’re still busy practicing for their first public performance, and let’s just say their rhythm is as off as their aim. But they’re trying and the instructor has been very patient–

dance instructor and strormtroopers

Of course, to be a great instructor takes a lot of hard work. Long nights alone in the dance hall, with only your reflection to keep you company. No matter how tired you are, no matter how much it hurts, never stop smiling–

dance practice

And of course, with fame comes the opportunity to be an ambassador for great things. In my LEGO town, this girl is already a spokesperson for the Choose H2O campaign to get people off sugary drinks–

choose h2o

Who knows what the future may hold. Will she learn to fly? Will she light up the sky? Get her when the series is released and tell her story!




Images and words by David “davirasm” Rasmusson

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3 years ago

Haha I love the contrast between the dance instructor and the comic book guy. His expressions totally looks like “this woman is crazy” :D

3 years ago

Choose H2O-fantastic! I’m sure she wasn’t in Fame but when looking at your pics I can’t help but thinking of Sydney Rome. Thank you for introducing us…