Brick Block

Forced Prospective

Brick block. Feeling uninspired. Lacking drive.

When inspiration wanes, what do you do? When motivation dwindles what do you do?

When these lulls descend upon me, I was sent into a tailspin of forced creativity; the pressure to perform. Yes, the eagle-eyed reader would’ve noticed past tense there.

If you think you can grind me down, wear me out
Hang me up to dry
But I’m telling you why
It’s never gonna be
Brassy – Play some D

I say ‘I was’ because I’m not pressured to perform any more. Now, I embrace these moments. I take stock. I look at them as moments to gather my thoughts, reflect, and enjoy. Unburdened by a self-imposed notion that I must deliver, I can enjoy the art of others, rejoicing in the fact that their bricks are unblocked.


This thing I do, taking photographs of LEGO, is a hobby, a pastime, a passion. And when should a passion be a chore? It shouldn’t be, that’s when. And who made this passion of mine feel like a chore? I did, that’s who.

What have I got? I’ve got everything
What have I got? Nothin’ much at all
Rollins Band – What Have I Got

This new welcoming attitude to the inevitable is refreshingly liberating; repleting far out ways browbeating.

Hello, my name is Brett. I’m a LEGO photographer. It’s been three days since my last photo…and I’m cool with that now.

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Lynn Moore
7 years ago

Great post Brett! I know exactly how you feel. One thing I’ve learned is that creativity comes in spurts (at least for me) so these lulls are normal. Once I realized that, I stopped stressing as much about my LEGO photos :-)


7 years ago

I hear you. The ideas comes and goes, just like the tide. When I get stuck I just let i be, no need to stress about that. I used to but nor anymore.

Leila @brickandmordor
7 years ago

I’m not worried about you at all. Sometimes brilliance takes time to brew. I’m cool with it, and I’m glad you are too. Quality, not quantity. Enjoy the breaks!

7 years ago

Taking breaks from posting online feels so good. I usually not take enough (good) photos to post on a daily basis so I never really worried about it. But since the end of the summer I’ve been posting on an almost daily basis, mainly because of the Hamburg toy safari. I took way more photos than I expected, and in the following days continued to take more photos than I usually do. Having to think about which photo to post, and not forget about posting to 3 different platforms, take too much space in my brain. So even though I… Read more »

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