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  1. Interesting you post on this subject right now. Coincidence is that a few days ago I spent a whole evening looking at two things on my Flickr profile: the pictures I marked as favorite and the list of people I follow. In particular the ones that I marked/followed when I created that account dedicated to toy photography.

    Overall it was a wonderful experience. I spent hours looking at very different photos. Some are beautiful and technically perfect. Others may not be that amazing technically but have a storytelling without match up to the point some even makes me laugh out loud for minutes. I realized there are people I have followed their work for far more longer than I thought, realizing how much I’m inspired by them. It felt like a kind of journey where I learned from where I came, where I (try to) go and why.

    1. I must say I am jealous of how you spent your evening. It sounds like an evening well spent! When you were looking at these images could you see how they have effected or influenced your own toy photography?

      1. Yes of course but I also already had an idea who influences me and how. But maybe more interesting I could also decrypt influences of other people (even though I’m not always sure in which direction the influence has to be applied if it’s not both way).

  2. I am the thief :D !!! I remember your face while I was saying that!
    The magic weekend keeps providing good memories.
    Great Post, Shelly!

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