Summer Solstice

A most interesting week.

Shelly tells us too shoot tons of pictures as more is better, Mike is selecting his top 5 models and is smart enough to include a female stormtrooper with glasses (euhh, is this a lesson on how you can turn gender equality and diversity all of a sudden into a sexy topic) and green is the new black.

I am just overwhelmed with Big Inc and the upcoming adventures. Lots of hectic preparations before we literally dive into the next big unknown (more about that next week) and get ready to celebrate the summer solstice (tomorrow) with super chickens and little green frogs dancing around a pole.

Yes, a most interesting week with lots of activity going on in the world around us and I just did not find the time to shoot a lot of new material.

But I will, when the sun is on its longest orbit around planet earth and delights us with some extra magical light at midnight I will be out and looking for that magic image that capture it all.

Have a fantastic summer solstice !

Summer Solstice

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