Being part of a creative collective is not always easy, especially not when all members are living in a different place of the world with different timezones, different agendas and priorities and schedules to adhere to and running a collective blog on top of that with four does not make it easier.

Writing posts here for me always starts with an image. An image in my head that came to me as a fresh idea or a response to one of the previous posts, the image is there first and then comes the text, the words, the story. It may sound strange but that is how my mind works. I need that image, that picture perfect image that will tell the story.

The last few weeks we had some fantastic posts here on the blog from Mike, Shelly and Vesa and my head has been flowing with images, ideas, stories and responses I wanted to write and share with you based on all these great inputs. Yet I did not manage to create the image, the image that tells the story. I had to reuse and recycle, post images that I used before and told another story. It watered down the text and the idea.

Most strange experience.

I am not sure it is because it takes soo much longer to get that right image, or it is a writers block because of the sensory overload of ideas. For now I will return to fun of shooting, and just post an image with a few words, no long posts or big ideas. No reflections on the why or the what, just the pure fun of shooting plastic and sharing the image with you.

C’se that is what it is all about.

Having fun.


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