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Tomorrow is the last day you can visit the “In LEGO, We Connect” exhibition at the Bryan Ohno Gallery in the International District in Seattle. The last chance to experience the first ever Stuck In Plastic fine art photography exhibition where you can see the works in its full glory.

So what better way to feature this fine Friday all the fantastic responses we got from the press and media in the last 5 weeks. A big Thank You for all the kind words in a variety of languages and media outlets. From the paper press to video blogs, from television to electronic blogs, from downtown Seattle to London, Paris and Madrid.

So Thank You, Seattle Times,  MeioBit, PetaPixel, TomoPop, BirdInFlight, FishEye, GeekWire, The Evening Magazine, PictureCorrect, Pixelistes, Chris Pirillo and the Departement of Scandinavian Studies for featuring our very first exhibition in Seattle !

Thank You !

And yes, you all still have one day left to see it at Bryan Ohno Gallery 

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