Evel Knievel

We keep a close eye on what happens on stage in the wondrous world of TED. So when we found Chris Milk sharing with us his first toy on stage and explain in great plastic detail how Evel Knievel has inspired him to create great works of art (and even taking a small side tour in the topic of another all time favourite called copyright infringement) all in the first few minutes of his talk, we knew we were in good company.


While Chris did not grow up to become a toy photographer pur sang, I am sure he shares the same passion some of us have as well when it comes to telling a story and explore the media of storytelling.  Like he tells us it is all about connecting and becoming more human.

A TED I can recommend.

[ted id=2228]

Let us know if it connected with you as well !


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7 years ago

Nice find, I enjoyed this one. I hope he is able to change the world with his films.

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