Feature Friday

Our Seattle adventure created for sure some havoc in the traditions we have here on Stuck In Plastic. Four weeks have gone by since we posted our latest Feature Friday on the mysterious Henry D. Angst.  Feature Friday is my reflection (Shelly and Vesa were pretty explicit I had to run this idea on my own when I bounced it off our creative collective) on what has happened the last week on #stuckinplastic on Instagram. I like to browse the pictures tagged to #stuckinplastic and look for inspirations, trends, creative images, crazy ideas or just memories that trigger not a #throwbackthursday but a #FeatureFriday. I am sure, you get the idea.

So, when I started browsing our feed, I did not have to go back a long way to actually be thrown back to our adventure in Seattle (no more pictures from the opening or @wiiman photobombing us) and rediscover the work of two other fantastic toy photographers from the West coast. Two photographers I had the pleasure of shooting with in real life.

Cindy, aka @coney_dogg and Leila, known as @brickandmordor.

I will let their feeds and Kermit speak for themselves:

I met Leila and Cindy first in the Bryan Ohno Gallery just a few minutes before the artist talk we had on Saturday in the green room of the gallery (they also arrived last minute after a long drive from Portland).  And while I was pretty nervous to be thrown into the open for a critical audience of art critics ranging from 5 to 50 years old, I really felt very comfortable meeting both of them like old friends.

We continued our road movie across Seattle and I ended up getting a very special artifact from Cindy, but that is a completely different story all-together.

Meeting photographers and going on a photo walk is a great way to connect with unknown friends and like-minded people from around the world and discovering places you have not seen before. Tomorrow is the 11th World Wide InstaMeet and I will be joining the Photowalk in Stockholm.

I am curious who I will bump into and if they will have their own toys along like @coney_dogg and @brickandmordor and we will instantly connect.

Remember, if you join one of the many InstaMeets around the globe this weekend or create one of your own with old and new friends alike, and you are brave enough to take your toys out, don’t forget to tag it to #toyphotographersdoitbetter


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6 years ago

I think it is fitting you featured these two lovely ladies for your feature friday since I will be shooting with them again this sunday. It seems we will be on our own little Instameet of three, with toys of course. :D

Leila Brickandmordor
6 years ago
Reply to  Shelly

Hopefully it will be dry enough to shoot! Looking forward to meeting up with you either way Shelly!

Leila Brickandmordor
6 years ago

Thank you Boris!!! It is a huge honor to be featured here on Stuckinplastic! We had such a blast in Seattle and it was really great to meet you in person and see you in action! Hope your Stockholm Instameet is amazing. :)

Cindy Dockter
6 years ago

Thank you Boris for featuring us and for the great triptych photo of me!! Love it. I had a great time shooting with you in Seattle. Wish we could have stayed longer or come up earlier to have more time to shoot more photos, talk cameras and just have fun!!