The Town Without People

I was getting ready to shoot a post to SiP but I happened to come across with something that made me change my mind and I decided to post something different. It was a short film about one of my favourite photographers, Michael Paul Smith, I have been following his work in Flickr for years.

The photographs themselves have a beautiful haunting quality I’ve not seen anywhere else. With the old cars and houses of the imaginary small town of Elgin Park, the only living thing are the trees in the background, there are no people, yet the scenes seem more alive and warm than most photographs around. I love his work, I find it simply and purely wonderful. In 1/24th scale, no less!

Michael Paul Smith
“A 1935 Ford DeLuxe Coupe” ©Michael Paul Smith 2014

I knew the photographs but in the short film Michael Paul Smith himself turned out to be not what I expected. The glimpse he gives of the world his photographs come from is candid and quite rough at times. He makes a strong artist portrait in a film that lasts less than 10 minutes.

I know I will look at Michael’s photographs differently in the future, they are still charming as ever, but they seem much bigger now.

Elgin Park, a short film by Danny Yourd, have a look.

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9 years ago

Love Michael’s work… so happy to see you’ve shared it here!

9 years ago

Aye. Very beautiful work, I saw it before, but never saw the video.


Leila Brickandmordor
9 years ago

This image is so realistic! I was convinced it had nothing to do with toys until I saw the behind-the-scenes images on his Flickr! Wow. Floored. Thanks for introducing us to him!

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