Today we find our Crew™ back aboard the ship of Captain Reine. 
The secret letter we got from Buccaneer Kidman in Silver Falls revealed some golden nuggets and told us to get on touch with Lord Edgard. 

We followed the instructions by the letter and landed in a harbour village just east of the Atlantic Ocean where Captain Reine (picture above) heard about the epic love story of Lady Kidman and lord Edgard. 
Lord Edgard™
A most respectable sperm whale of age and size who enjoys the deep sea canyon of Andøya in summer. 

Is this all just a hoax or a marketing lure to get the big wildlife lenses out and about or is there more to the love story ?
Stay tuned and discover what Lord Edgard told the Crew™ Before taking a deep dive …
Me2 and Crew™
Ps. The picture above is Lord Edgard after our encounter. Courtesy of Me2 for the pic :-)
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