Litra vs. Lumecube | A Toy Photographers Guide

Recently I was sent some small LED lights from both Litra and Lumecube. I decided that the most beneficial thing to Stuck In Plastic readers would be to compare the two. So I reviewed both specifically for toy photography to let you know which light might be right for you.

Litra and Lumecube

For those of you who have never heard of either of these companies, let me give a little background. Both of them have come on the scene in recent years offering “action” LED lights. “Action” as lights that are great for action sports or active lifestyles. The lights are fully waterproof and come in tough casings that can survive a drop or getting tossed around a little.

They are typically made for filming video or documentaries, or when you only can take the most minimal of gear. They are also great for strapping to a drone, surfboard, or kayak so you can see more at night. Just take a look at the Lumecube and Litra Instagram pages. You’ll see that toy photography is not the main application by design, and so I was interested to put them to the test.

Litra and Lumecube in toy photography

However, toy photographers have been discovering these lights. They have become instrumental in getting some amazing lighting setups that before were much harder to obtain. In fact, Jonny Wu a.k.a. @sgtbananas has recently done a series of videos on Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel. He shows a variety of scenarios and effects all lit by Lumecube lights.

Many photographers in the toy photography community also love Litra gear. For example, @joecow who shows his setup with the lights here.

Seeing all of this content recently made me wonder what all the fuss was about. It also had me wondering which of the lights, if any, were right for me? Below I will break down some key things I was looking for in a lighting setup. Then I will declare the winner of each category.

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One year ago today- and what happened along the way

Time went by quickly

I know this is cheesy, but it seems to me the older I get, the faster time goes by. Right now it feels like it’s rushing by at the speed of light.

This morning Ian sent me some pictures from exactly one year ago and simply asked: Can you believe it? Honestly, I hardly can. One year ago we met in Edinburgh, Scotland for our annual toy photo safari. Looking back it was a short yet fantastic weekend meeting old and new friends, driving to the Highlands, playing amongst waterfalls and climbing hills and monuments. But that was only one year ago??

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Using a Lume Cube for Filling shadows with artificial lights in outdoor toy photography

Our good friends at Lume Cube provided us with some light.  Here is our view on how you could use it to improve your pictures.
They are also organizing a toy photography contest. Go at the end of this article to get more info about it.

I have to admit that I never used artificial lights during daytime, mostly because of laziness. I discarded photos more than once because the subject was too dark compared to the background. During our little Adventure in Paris, Julien gave us four Lume Cubes we received for review.

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