One year ago today- and what happened along the way

Time went by quickly

I know this is cheesy, but it seems to me the older I get, the faster time goes by. Right now it feels like it’s rushing by at the speed of light.

This morning Ian sent me some pictures from exactly one year ago and simply asked: Can you believe it? Honestly, I hardly can. One year ago we met in Edinburgh, Scotland for our annual toy photo safari. Looking back it was a short yet fantastic weekend meeting old and new friends, driving to the Highlands, playing amongst waterfalls and climbing hills and monuments. But that was only one year ago??

Can you believe it?

In between

The following 364 days (after Edinburgh) seem to have been packed with quite a lot of bricktastic events:

Some of us went to the BrickLive exhibition in Birmingham, England. In February SiP took part in an exhibition called Le 6Brick in Paris, France. One month later we were guests at the FloatingBricks in Hamburg, Germany. At the end of May, we went to the Home of the Brick in Billund, Denmark, to talk to LEGO designers and attend the birth of a blue masterpiece. Then in June, we went back to the city of lights where Julien hosted a magical toy photo safari that no attendee will ever forget.

Me2 on the floor at Le 6Brick
Floating Bricks pre-open doors
At the Home of the Brick
Meet-up in Paris (where nothing is further away than 10 minutes)


Right now we’re focussing on meeting up in Denmark again for the Skaerbaek Fan Weekend (will you be there and say Hi?).

What’s next?

The story continues and maybe you are, like us, already curious where next year’s safari will take us to. To be honest, final decisions haven’t yet been made but I’m very optimistic that after the Fan Weekend, at the beginning of October, we will be able to tell you what city to book your flights and hotels for, and last not least also when. Until then bear with us, keep posting to #SiPgoes52, submit more pics to #SiPgoesBrickheadz to be in for winning a designer-signed BrickHeadz set, take part in the UltimateToyPhotographyContest hosted by our friends at Lume Cube and keep playing well (Hello to Richard from !).


#SiPgoesBrickHeadz- submissions still open until the end of September for a chance to win a set signed by Marcos Bessa


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5 years ago

Soo much has happened.
Wivi mentioned to me as well this morning it was a year ago since we were all in Scotland.
And here we are.
A year later and soo much has happened, is happening and is going to happen.

Next is Skaerbaeck for sure.

5 years ago

A year went by, already, but what a lovely memory that was. It was such a great weekend and I am happy to see everything we did this year, too. I can’t wait for the future :-)
See you in Skaerbaek

5 years ago

What an epic toy safari it was! Just can’t wait to discuss about the next one :-)

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