Build your own Anton

“Where is Anton?”

Yesterday we announced our new contest. LEGO kindly offered us three copies of the Old Fishing Store to give away in our new contest. The theme of the contest is “Where is Anton?” Anton is the fisherman minifigure coming with the new set. Like Stacy, Julien, Stefan, and Stefan did, take a photo of Anton traveling with you.

But wait isn’t taking a photo of Anton in order to win his set a little contradictory…? Continue reading “Build your own Anton”

The Stuff on my Desk

I’m not an active collector of stuff. You know, action figures, statuettes and posters – things like that. Yes, I call it stuff. I’ve made a conscious decision not to go there, a choice in favor of a less crowded living space.

Despite my decision, there are a few items I have around that are sort of “collectors’ items”, but it’s mostly books and graphic novels. And a lightsaber! Some things have accumulated over the years, of course, and I haven’t tossed the decades old models stored in the basement. Continue reading “The Stuff on my Desk”