SiP goes Sweden 2023 – Part 2

Hey! You came back!

In case you missed it, you can read Part 1 of SiP goes Sweden 2023 here. If you have already read Part 1, then keep reading as Estelle and David´s adventures continue below.


I slept very little on Thursday night as I was too excited! Friday morning came around and I took a cold shower (it wakes you up for sure!) and I couldn’t wait to go!!! Friday´s programme was intense. We visited and discovered many incredible places. They were just perfect for a bunch of creative toy photographers.

One place we went to was an impressive ancient iron mine; Ramhälls mine. This was a highlight of mine because of the imposing infrastructure that is abandoned and also because I lost two figurines to the mine. It will teach me to be better organized in the future!!

The abandoned industrial area makes for a great toyphotographer’s playground- Photo by David


We also went to a lovely little village called Forsmarkbruk, where they have a Brick, errrr, Bruiksmuseum. Then, we drove to Österbybruk, where we had some time to take pictures in a nice park, before visiting a “loppis” shop where they sell vintage things.

Almost…- Photo by David

Making new friends at a local “Loppis”- Photo by David

After that, our trip took us to Lövstabruk and its gardens, where you can meet wild boars. And mosquitos, too. There were roughly estimated a gazillion of them. And finally we went back to the headquarters at Vita Magasinet.


Dinnertime over, it was time to open Natasja’s box. She was supposed to join the safari, but a few days before, she had been forced to cancel. So, she sent us a surprise box. What was inside? For each of us, her sigfig, so she would be with us for the following adventures. And also, for Boris and Wiveka, she created a LEGO version of the Vita Magasinet building!

Another pool tournament. Then off to bed quite late. Very. Bad. Idea. Bad like if Saturday was the sunrise photography day. Meaning set the alarm clock at 3:30am. See how bad, now? (except for Ingrid & Lina, who opted out when Boris gave us the choice)

The man who’s always up for an alternative or a round of pool- Photo by StefanM

Early morning wake up call

So, after a coffee and a waffle, we were (almost) teleported to the rocky beach, in a place called Stigenbergsbadet Gardskär. And the short night grumpiness immediately vanished when we discovered the landscape with rising sun.

There we had the opportunity to play with the new LEGO Mars Rover (more on this in an upcoming blog post so stay tuned!), and the solid fog. Time flies very quickly, as we ended up just having time for a couple of images, and –poof- nearly two hours have passsed.

42158 NASA Mars Rover Perseverance on duty in… Sweden- Photo by Ian

Time to go back to headquarters, have a real breakfast with the “no way I leave my bed that early” girls, and off we go to the windy sand beach for a big hour session. The Swedish call this beach “Naturistbad”.

Baltic dipping, sort of- Photo by Estelle

From there we went to an ancient military camp, in Laxölm, where there’s a dam. That’s where I found a fork on the ground, which became the metallic-elk I needed to complete the elk mission of our safari bingo. If you don’t have the minifig, try to be creative: Estelle also found a solution for this.

To some it’s an old fork, but WE KNOW it’s an elk- Photo by David

Everybody, albeit a bit tired, went back to HQ. Some took a short walk around the building, only to be attacked by another hundreds of mosquitos (aka flying vampires!!), buzzing around us and sucking us dry, before lunch. In the afternoon, we went to the old forge. Not to self; never wear white shoes when you are planning to visit a place like this, unless you’re ready to put plastic bags over them. The historical visit was very interesting. We were given a demonstration of the iron hammer that once worked with steam. Today it is powered by compressed air.

At the dusty forge- Photo by Estelle

Local cuisine

Time for me to leave, with Wiveka, for the bagarstugan where we were baking bread. Yes, the traditional Karlholmsbröd, round flat with the hole in the centre. We started the fire in the oven, prepared the bread dough, flattened it and cooked it in the traditional way. Lot of fun here, some minifigs even won a short time in the oven or on the dough (remember, it’s BAD to play with minifigs and things you’re going to eat. The don’t-try-this-at-home-kids-bad. But it’s also very funny.)

This is no moon, it’s a #spacecowboysaturday- Photo by StefanM

But don’t worry: no food was wasted. Our Bakerman took good care of that!- Photo By Ian

Now it was to BBQ time for the last evening. Again, we spent a great time together, and despite the early wake up call, everybody looked very happy. After the BBQ, came the card exchange. Like the Christmas cards exchange, it’s a long awaited part of the weekend. Everybody printed cards, one set for each participant of the safari and exchanged them. Having a physical image in your hands, not just a glimpse on your phone’s screen you scroll, is truely something special.


I loved receiving the cards and they are already displayed on my wall at home!

On Sunday morning, we were all very tired!! After breakfast, it’s time for the first goodbye hugs. I went home with my head full of memories, my body and heart full of emotions. It was a very nice experience, very far out of my comfort zone but I don’t regret anything. For the next one- I hope there is to be a next one– I will arrive less stressed as I know what to expect!

Thank you to Boris, Wiveka and their crew for the organization and a big thank you to all for your kindness and good memories from a great weekend shared with you all.


I would be a liar if I said that it wasn’t hard to leave on Sunday morning. When the hugging moment came, there must’ve been a fly in my eyes. It was my second time attending a toy safari, and it was once more full of great times. An event with very nice people and lots of fun. Thanks to Team VitaMagasinet for an unforgettable weekend.

Thank you to David and Estelle for sharing their experience on the toy safari. We love to share their experiences with you and we hope to see you on a safari in the future.

Hold On…

But wait… It isn’t over. Stefan (@fubiken) has also written about his experience so come back soon to see what he has to say.

If you would like to see some more of the images that the other photographers took during the weekend, check out the hastag #SiPgoesSweden2023

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