Nature Boy

I’ve always loved shooting outdoors, following the cycle of nature through the seasons – life, death and renewal.
At this time of year, during the middle of the British summer, I always try to take advantage of the light late evenings.
I’m lucky enough to live right next to parks and fields so whenever I get the chance, I’ll pack a few figures in my camera bag and head out on an evening stroll.

Along with LEGO, droids are by far one of my favourite subjects. On this particular evening I just packed my 1000toy Synth to see what I could come up with. I love the fact that you can portray a range of emotions on a droid’s face just by changing the pose very slightly. I wanted to show the contrast between, and the connection with, the mechanical and the natural world.

Shooting outdoors can be relaxing but you have to be quick when the right lighting appears in front of you. I love following the sunset and waiting for that precise moment but, all too often, by the time you have set up the light has already gone. The beauty of this sort of shot is in the moment. Once the light changes, the moment has gone forever; it makes the shot that little more unique than a studio setup. You can also blame the light rather than your skills when a shoot doesn’t quite turn out the way you intended…

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