T&T and H&H

LEGO and Stuck in Plastic sent me four Disney minifigures: Chip ‘n Dale (called Tic & Tac here in France), and Hercules and Hades. I decided to follow them with my camera.

Tic & Tac

Last Sunday morning, I was drinking my coffee, hoping that it would wake me up before I go go, when I heard some strange noise in the kitchen.

At first, I thought it was one of my cats, but they were still asleep beside me on the sofa.

I walked slightly to the kitchen, and couldn’t believe what I saw: two little squirrels were looking at my hazelnuts pot.

They were clearly discussing about how they could proceed to steal the whole content.

Soon, they decided that one would climb on the pot with his friend’s help.

It wan’t long before the pot get open…

The little boy looked quite happy to bath in hazelnuts, and the other can’t wait to do so.

After a few moves back and fro, the pot felt and a hazelnuts flood spread on the kitchen’s table.

A great victory, without a doubt…

Then, I had the move that shouldn’t be, and the squirrels saw me.

They packed as many hazelnuts as they can, and ran out of the house as if Devil was on their back.

Hades & Hercules

Most people think that Hades is Hercules’ arch enemy, because of one famous picture:

Truth is that these two guys are some kind of best friends.

What you don’t see on the picture is that Hercules is just killing a snake that was about to bite Hades.

The other day, Hercules was thinking that it was a long time since he met his dude, and started walk through Hell, with his brand new shield from Zeus Factory.

“Hey Herc’! What’s up dude?” Hades yielded when he saw him approaching.

“Oh man, look at my new stuff from Z’s!”

“Oh yeah dude, that’s a flamous manufacturer, for sure!” said Hades, with flames bursting from his hands.

“You got it? Flamous? Flames, famous… Haha!”

“Hades, you’re the best at jokes, you know that? Come on, tell me some I don’t know!”

And that’s how it is for real with Hercules and Hades: best friends sitting together, having fun with jokes and playing frisbee with the shield.

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