Week 22 – Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci, another brilliant mind that is so famous it seems pointless to present him. Yet while his “Mona Lisa” could be the most famous painting in the world, Da Vinci was a lot more than a brilliant painter. Inventor, drawer, writer, sculptor, engineer, mathematician, and so much more. Da Vinci is the ultimate example of someone who was truly interested in anything with a neverending curiosity and imagination.

For me, exploring Da Vinci is about pondering about the future of humanity, a lot more than other for other human beings.

Will there ever be another Da Vinci?

I deeply believe that there will never be another Da Vinci. Not because there can’t be someone as smart as him, but rather because knowledge has become so complex and too broad to be fully grasped by a single person. We live in an age where progress and great inventions aren’t the results of a few brilliant minds, no matter how brilliant, but the combination of the work of millions of individuals.

Building flying machines don’t require amazing geniuses anymore. With the accumulation of knowledge and advancements in science, technology, and education, humanity can achieve much more than Da Vinci could. Not because of a few geniuses, but because of the combined work of millions of human beings and dozens of successive generations.

Because of that, I also believe we don’t need another Da Vinci. 500 years ago, the majority of humanity was unable to read. Today most people can do much more. I deeply believe that it’s ordinary people who can and will solve together humanity’s big issues.

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