Meet Kenton

This week, we’re coming back with our series of #FeatureFriday interviews. Of course, this time not about SiPgoes52, but SiPgoes53. Today it’s Kenton who joins us around a virtual cup of coffee.

About Kenton

I live in Salt Lake City, UT and am the father of four kids that help me build my LEGO creations and, from time to time, even help me set up photos. My day job is working as an e-commerce director at a company that makes bags and travel accessories.

I first started taking toy photos about 4 years ago when my wife bought me some LEGO for Christmas which reignited the passion I always had as a kid of building amazing LEGO sets. I was initially inspired by Avanaut and his work that I had seen on Flickr even before I started getting back into LEGO. Then I discovered Chris McVeigh and started trying to recreate the style of both with certain photos.


I love all types of photography and actually used to have a successful wedding photography business on the side. As my family has grown, I don’t have as much time to do that anymore and toy photography has taken its place. It allows me to miniaturize my subjects and setups, and create awesome shoots with a variety of “models” and sets all in my basement on a small table.

Kenton and SiPgoees53

I started SiPgoes53 because it gives me an excuse to get behind the camera more often and to learn a little bit more about some awesome individuals in history or in our modern world that I may not know a ton about.

Marilyn Monroe

My favorite person so far would be Wes Anderson. I absolutely love him. I love his movies and his style, so I was really happy to recreate an image from his film Moonrise Kingdom. Although it could have been better I was happy with how it turned out for the most part.

Wes Anderson

I’m really looking forward to “the choose your own female and male” weeks. Then I can add a few people that I think are pretty important to the list!

Learning from SiPgoes53

As I said earlier. I did this project to give me an excuse to get behind the camera more often and I love that I have been able to do all the weeks so far. There might be a time where I’ll miss a week here or there because of other more important commitments, but I do want to try to hit every week if possible, that’s the goal!

Yuval Noah Harari

So far, I have learned a lot more about some of the people that I was less familiar with, such as Yuval Noah Harari. But I also learned little details I never knew about Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, etc. I love history, so I have enjoyed this. I also learned that even if you don’t have the time to set up the perfect photo you are imagining, it’s still good to just get behind the camera and shoot something. It gets the creative juice flowing and it improves the skill.


Let’s thanks Kenton for his time. You can follow his work on Instagram at @kentonanderson. See you next time for another SiPgoes53 FeatureFriday Interview!

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