I have been busy the last two weeks with all things different as being stuck in plastic and so today it was time to return to my roots. Shooting plastic.

Today was the day.
I was going to shoot some plastic.
And I had a shot in mind.
A great shot to say the least.
A challenge.
A challenge to shoot inside the studio, it involved some strobes, some great actors, some beautiful reflections and an even better idea …  yet it just did not happen.

The indoor lightening challenge was too hard, the anticipation turned into a headache. Reflections turned ugly, and  passion turned into hard work and before you know what was supposed to be a great experience turned into labour. Hard labour.

And so at the end of the shoot (no, I did not give up), I felt I just did not nail it.  I did not get that kick or creative rush making my day I had been looking for the last two weeks. I just ended up fixing a technical challenge, but did not get that creative satisfaction I was craving for given (remember, two weeks of no camera …)

So I walked down to my favourite dock (a place I shared with you before, a place with beautiful lightening, a place sometimes considered to easy …) and so I sat down and waited.
Waiting for the golden hour.
And waiting for guests …
And then he showed up …

Wundering Roots
An encounter …

And smiled and made my day …

A smile …



I was happy with the shoot.
It made my creative kick.
It got me engaged ready to go.

So remember, whenever you are stuck or are returning from a break don’t just take a deep dive (unless you are ready) but go back to your roots and shoot what makes you feel good to get your own creative self realigned and get prepared for your next challenge.

Challenges are there to take you to the next level, but never forget your roots, they are there to guide you and help you to next level.
Embrace them when you feel insecure, or you just need a a shot of creativity caffeine.

Thanks Stitch, I needed it.


Thanks Stitch
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Leila (Brickandmordor)

Glad you were able to get some shooting in! These are beautiful. I wish Stitch would visit me in that kind of dramatic lighting! :)

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