The Grump Post

Frustration with photography is my companion all the time. There are moments when I’m excited, then it’s back to frustration. I am going after the excitement, of course, but it is the frustration that is the driving force. Without the sensation of dissatisfaction nothing ever happens, if I was happy with what I do, I wouldn’t be pushing it.

I see this in some of the people around me. A characteristic that first comes off as grumpiness but turns out to actually being a sign of irritation when working on something that is not going according to plans. These people are often the people who come up with the most interesting stuff, however, they do not give up easy on something they are after. If they are itchy, they scratch the itch.

I look up to these people.

So, I am frustrated here, trying to be one of those people. There are too many projects up in the air that do not proceed the way I would want them to go; the camera gives me trouble and so does the weather. The one idea I have that requires shooting outdoors comes in the summer that has had the worst weather in my lifetime. Just my luck. This is why I generally shoot indoors. I also need a new lens.

I know I will find a way to get what I want with these projects, or something close enough, one way or another. In the meantime, I’m just grumpy.

Nope, it’s not a new photograph, it’s a crummy fake, a Photoshop job. Just for the heck of it.
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8 years ago

Photoshop or not, I luve the image and it has a magical sense to it.

I recognize the grumpiness and the frustration, when an idea you want to pursue does not happen, or just turns out different. Now do bring your underwater gear along to Sweden at the end of the month, as rumour goes it will be the hottest day of the year !

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