Acronyms are a most beautiful invention and while they can make long sentences easy, they can easily confuse the heck out of people. One of the more sophisticated acronyms you may encounter in Europe at the  bottom of an invitation is the four letter acronym RSVP.

It actually just means “please reply” to an open invitation and that is what is this post is all about. We are getting ready to work out the details of the very first Stuck In Plastic European Edition in Vaxholm, Sweden this Summer (the date is August 29th) and we would like to collect in a more structured way the responses of all of you who showed interest in joining us for our very first  Stuck In Plastic Photo Walk

Our little program starts on Friday (28th) and runs up to Sunday (30th) and we want to make sure we know who will be joining us when so we can work out the best program for our international travelers (RSVP here).

At the same time we would like to see how many folks want to join us for the crayfish party we will be throwing in the garden after the photo walk (limited seats available, so do RSVP in time) …

Here is the RSVP … it should take three minutes and gives us a much better insight on who want to join when, so we can tweak the program and make sure both locals and international and intercontinental travelers get the most out of it.

Did anyone say crayfish ?

Vaxholm, Sweden

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