The LEGO Professor

Today was a good day.

Waking up to the smell of fresh rain, newly brewed coffee and a glimpse of sun sparkling behind the clouds into the bricks.  What better start can one wish on the day of the summer solstice. All elements of nature connected in one sensory overload of experiences, getting ready for the grand selection of friends entering the summer adventure and exploring some new gear that made it to the Studio™.

This year we decided to have a photoshoot to select those friends that can make it into this years summer adventure (it is always a friendly battle between friends who can make it, and those who has to keep an eye on the Studio™). Space is limited, even for us plastic travellers, and we have set the limit this year at two hundred and one friends to join the epic summer party. However the buzz was all about becoming the LEGO professor this morning.

Buzz about the new scholarship at Cambridge for a LEGO professor everyone wants to be in …. plastic or not.
Educating plastic and play to the generations to come …

What do you think ?

Would you want to be the very FIRST professor of all things LEGO at the university of Cambridge ?

Should TIME magazine engage with some serious LEGO photographers (hint, hint, …) for their next editorial or do you like their “getty” image.

I am curious if the LEGO Professor will be all play or will also take a deeper dive into the plastic side of things.

Time will tell. Not the magazine, the other one ;)


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