The “Abandoned” Pile

The process of taking a photograph often leads to variations and alternative takes on the subject at hand. Well, with me it does. I have been posting these extra images under the prefix ”Reject” or ”Alternative” from time to time. There are still some on my computer HD, old and new, I will post them in due time.

There is also another lot of images that haven’t seen the light of day, but they are neither alternatives or rejects, they are just abandoned. These are images I have finished, or almost finished, ideas for a one-off photographs or a series. Sometimes these get abandoned because I find the idea or execution not quite right, or the idea comes up somewhere else before I get to the point of uploading mine.

I have fiddled with the idea of motion blur, I tried it with action figures early on, perhaps not the most original idea ever but back then it felt fresh. And even if the motion blur had been done with action figures, perhaps it wasn’t done to the death with Lego. So, I made a Lego version of that action figure photograph. I wasn’t really happy with it, though, and after a couple of more tests I never posted it and left it on the table to brew.

Motiontroopers. A Lego motion blur test from 2009, not published before.

About a year ago I revived the old concept and began testing with an AT-AT and a snowspeeder. After a few photosessions I had to admit it still didn’t work quite the way I’d hoped for and I didn’t post anything. The spring was really busy and I was exhausted came the summer. I didn’t do much with all this and, again, I put it to rest with a loose plan to start working on it sometime in the fall.

Wooooooooosh! A test flight.

But as the time went by, fall turned to winter, I began noticing these motion blur images here and there (like this one by Fullnilson, I really like the lightness and colours in that one, by the way). Maybe these blurred images were there to begin with, but it all lead me to put this to the abandoned pile (for now) as something that’s already out there.

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