Back Up

I am back. This post has been pretty hard to get out. Call it writer’s block. Stage fright. Or just good old procrastination. We talked about this in the past. Procrastination. You may remember. Anyway, back to the topic. I am back.

Two months

My last post here on the blog is two months old. And after our ever so epic toy safari in Denmark, a month ago, I kind of fell in a black hole.
A rollercoaster of Big Inc. keeping me more than busy, shooting some non-disclosed sets for The Mothership like the epic Tree House, familiarize myself with a new mirrorless body, squeezing some holidays in between and trying to renovate a kitchen with another Scandinavian brand that at times felt like LEGO for grown-ups.
You know.

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And we are back …

Playing with water can be dangerous, especially when there are electric appliances in the neighbourhood like hard disks and stuff.  It seems our good friends at our hosting company experimented with the raining umbrella yesterday and got some water droplets into our little webserver  creating havoc and sparks of destruction (not of creativity, that is my next post).

After some tinkering and restoring backups over night we are back up and running here.

The good folks hosting our little spot gave a heads up things may still be a little bit slow today, while they are packing all their hardware into plastic bags before playing with water again.