Wow what a week! As Mike mentioned yesterday, it may seem calm here in the world of Stuck In Plastic, but we are all frantically trying to tie up loose ends and make sure this show comes off as well as the last one. Not an easy goal, because the last one was amazing.

But even with all this excitement and anticipation, I know that the real goal for me is not a successful show (although this one will be amazing); I have other priorities.

Sure its great to print and frame images and hang them on a gallery wall; the potential of sales is always exciting; the opportunity to meet and talk with old and new fans is wonderful; but what really gets me excited is hanging out with my toy photography friends.

Mike and Boris are not able to travel to Seattle due to work commitments and I am sad about this. I have been working with Mike for over a year and respect him greatly, it would have been great to shoot by his side. And Boris is my good friend and I always look forward to hang out and shooting with him. It was great being able to stay in his home this past summer and talk photography, Stuck In Plastic and plan future adventures in person. I cherish those small moments. Even though this is disappointing, I am absolutly thrilled that Kristina is making the journey. In fact the highlight of this very stressful week was a hangout with just the two of us.

I did not have a lot of interaction with Kristina when I was visiting Stockholm for our photo meet-up so this hangout was our first one on one conversation. Personally I think it went great! I will admit I had a little bit of trepidation inviting an almost stranger into my home, but after a 90 minute conversation I realize we have more in common than I might have guessed. Should this surprise me? Probably not since this is what happens every time I get together with toy photographers. Just one more reason why I love this crazy community.

So while I am excited about showing off the amazing work of my friends at the Bryan Ohno Gallery, I am more excited about hanging out with Kristina and exploring both my city and photography through her eyes. I think we are going to have a great time and create some amazing photographs together.

For me the priorities are always family and friends first and art second. The work I have been creating while I travel this toy photography road pale in comparison to the experiences I have had with my toy photography friends. I look forward to whatever the future brings as long as it include more time with my friends.

~ xxSJC

Stay tuned! Next week I will announce where the next toy photography meet up will be. I hope you will be able to join us and share the fun! 

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Everything is better with a friend, even exploring scary planets.
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