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The process of deciding which pictures I will show in the exhibition “In LEGO We Connect: The Adventure Continues” in Seattle, has been hard. I started my selection by looking back at all my toy photographs, but I soon realized I had to choose from those I have done during the last year.

Once I had done the first selection, I came to the next difficulty. I haven’t worked with a toy-photograph-project during the last year. I know that the final selection would have been easier if I had a common theme in the pictures. And that is one of many benefits with working in projects. But I haven’t done a toy-photo-project during this year.

So my final selection of photos was done with me wanting to show some pieces were I examine identities, masks, roles and how and whom chooses them for us. I’m fascinated about how much of a character that we see or put in a costume, their cloths or what we assume they do for a living. In my photography work I have been trying to give a more complex picture of the life of a soldier, a leader or an assassin. I want to explore if we can see them as both a soldier as well as an insecure child, in need of love, security and warmth. Can we see these people that has murder as a profession as both a soldier as well as someone as also need a teddy or had a security blanket as a child?

security blanket
security blanket

All of the pictures I will show in Seattle is connected to this theme. And I really hope you will join Shelly Corbett and me at Bryan Ohno Gallery to see the show and to talk about photography.

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8 years ago

Nice write Kristina, certainly gave me some food for thought. I haven’t really thought about theme or character study for my photography, something I’ll need to think about for a future project. :-)

8 years ago

One of the things with my photography I am the most frustrated about is that when I look at my photos I can’t find a theme around them. They often look random and not related to each other as they have been shot depending on my mood and ideas at that time. Reading at your post makes me stress more than ever that I should work on a big project. Even though I doubt my ability to succeed finishing such a project (I tend to want to do something else as soon as I have started a project), I think… Read more »

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