Emerald City Comicon

It was a very long time ago when I bought my tickets to the upcoming Emerald City Comicon that is schedule to begin March 27th. I can’t believe that three days of geeky goodness in the heart of downtown Seattle with 70,000 of my closest  friends is just around the corner!

Last year I went with my toy buddies Dinoczar, Wiiman and Bricksailboat. Although this year our numbers have diminished (it will just be Wiiman, my son and I), I think we will still manage to have fun.

Amongst all the cosplay, celebrity sitings, gaming, panel discussions and merchandise there is a little area called Brick Nation. Needless to say this is where I go to get my mid year BrickCon fix. (In fact one of the vendors I bought from last year reached out to me recently to see if I was coming again this year. GIBrick I’ll be looking for you!) I will be searching for classic LEGO mini figures as well as unique customs and accessories from all of the vendors. You just never know what you will find at an event like this. Maybe I can finally build that Tauntaun / CHIMA army I have been dreaming of.

I also enjoy seeing the amazing LEGO builds that will be on display. Since this LEGO event is smaller than the larger BrickCon in October, it is more manageable and actually easier to see the builds which are always inspiring.

This year I plan to spend more time in the merchandise area to see what other artists are creating and selling. I think it will be an educational experience for me since this could be one of the many paths I may want to pursue. I will also be on the look out for cool custom figures. I find the idea of custom limited addition toys to be fascinating and love to see what toy artists are up to.

So if you see me hanging around Brick Nation, say: “Hi”. If you are going to be at Comicon and want to meet up, just drop me a note; I love to meet new people. If you want to really be adventurous you can always take a side trip to catch the amazing LEGO photography show in person at the Bryan Ohno gallery. Just hop the number 14 bus to the International District or grab a cab and you will be there in no time.

Either way I hope you have a great time at ECCC, I know Wiiman, Noah and I will.

~ xxSJC

Is this the beginnings of a new Chima army?
Is this the beginnings of a new Chima army?

Do you enjoy going to your local comicon? If so, what do you look forward to the most?

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