Who’s Your Stuart?

I’ve received the most wonderful feedback on my photographs over the years. All, and I mean all feedback has been supportive and positive and it makes me very happy. I’ve been very lucky with this, I know.

There’s one particular comment that I have kept in my heart because, having been in Flickr for just a few months by the time, it just took my breath away. I keep a screengrab of it on my desktop as a reminder of the fact that you never know who’s out there. Here, take a look:

I do not know who or where Stuart is, I can only hope he had a great time with his Lego. Stuart is often on my mind when I write the little stories to my photographs, for me he’s forever ten years old and you can’t write just anything to a ten year old. This is why you do not find sex, violence or foul language in my photostreams. There is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with a Stuart, I try to keep that in mind at all (upload)times.

But, you know, that is just my Stuart. Do you have a Stuart?

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Mike H
9 years ago

That’s a great story, really heart warming ☺

No Stuart for me (yet?)

9 years ago
Reply to  Mike H

A Stuart doesn’t need to be real to be real. You know? I’m sure you have one. :)

8 years ago

Recently I was at Brickfair NJ, and was doing a demo of Lego Digital Designer during public hours. I happened to be seated next to a boy whose name I now forget, maybe 12 years old. He leaned over and asked to try out the program. He fiddled around with it for hour or so while I watched and gave advice, and then went back to what he was doing before. The next morning, his mom comes over to me (they were leaving early, skipping the second day), thanks me, and tells me that her son had downloaded LDD the… Read more »

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