The Green Room is Humming

I can’t tell you how thrilled +Me2 and I are that several awesome fellow photographers have joined our Green Room, introduced themselves and metaphorically lashed their boats too ours. It feels great to begin this journey, where ever it will lead us.

The door is still open for any like minded photographers to join. Check out the Green Room and see who your fellow travelers will be. It’s a chatty and varied group. 

In the mean time I hope you will give some thought as to what you would like to be doing with your photography that is not Instagram / internet related. Would you like to learn to print your images? Would you like to exhibit your work? Are you interested in selling or licensing your work? Would you like editing or shooting tips? Do you need help setting up a web site? 

Please leave your comments below and I can focus upcoming blog posts based on your interests. 

– xxsjc

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10 years ago

Why does the leader have green hair ?

Shelly Corbett
10 years ago
Reply to  Me2

The same, but different.

Shelly Corbett
10 years ago
Reply to  Me2

After further consideration I think that we are all the same, but that we choose to follow those who appear to be different. In this case the one with the green hair. The actual title for this piece is: I may not lead. I think this is my own warning to myself and others to follow your own road because the one who looks like the “leader” may not actually be leading. I hope that make some sense.

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