Where to start

Where to start on our little website is a good question. If you are a long time friend and follower of our adventures, the blog comes natural. You know the stories, you know the crew, and you are part of our history. But then, some of us are not old friends and regulars yet, and over time it is hard to see where to start.
This page tries to help you around.

Two sites in one (and then some).

First things first. There are basically two websites in one.
The good old blog lives on stuckinplastic.com and the full photo archives have moved to stuckinplastic.net and we will switch between them based on where you want to go. The look and feel is not 100% the same (yet), but the navigation should be “kind of the same” and we are working on it.
If you want to know more why we did this, you can read that here.
And then there is Discord.
Our online forum where all the cool kidz are hanging out and a lot of the creative fun is happening.

I just like LEGO

Fair point.
So do we.
We are a bunch of creative photographers (or should we say artists) that love LEGO and take pictures of it.
And we share those with you.
But there is more.
We are also a RLFM (Recognized LEGO Fan Media) and give you a creative insight in some of the latest and greatest that LEGO releases.
We are just not your average LEGO news site.
We bring it with a twist.
So, go ahead and search for your favorite LEGO set in our photo archive, or look for one of our LEGO reviews or just follow us on IG.

I like to take pictures of toys.

You have come to the right place.
Browse around.
Join our creative challenges and virtual toy safaris.
Come for the toys and stay for the fun.
Regardless if you are new to toy photography or a seasoned photog.

I want to buy some of the fine art prints

Now that is a sensitive question we like.
Most of the work you see here is for your eyes only and not for sale.
It was created to enjoy in the digital world.
Yet, we like to print.
And make our work go beyond the digital retina screen, into the real world.
Your living room.
Your boardroom, or your kids room.
One way is to find us on one of our global art exhibitions or local craft fairs.
Or look in the limited edition collection.
We always have a few fine prints for sale (limited edition only).

I want to know more about SiP ?

SiP or the shorthand of Stuck In Plastic is a creative collective of toy photographers.
And that is what this website is all about.
The adventures of Frodo Stuck In Plastic.
A good place to start is our about page (2 minute read), and then follow some of the links there and sign up for our SiP email list.
And follow hang out with us.

Hang out with us.

You can hang out with us on IG or join in one of our live workshops (great fun) or pass by our little discord server aka forum where we tend to hang out with the cool kidz.

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