Looking at photography through a different lens

Earlier this month I signed up for a G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers. The one I applied for was not your traditional mentorship where you explore a particular technique like “How do you See” or “Blur and Unsharp”, but one more focused on an interior exploration. I’ve embarked on a six week journey called “Breathing in Beauty, Creativity & Gratitude”. Continue reading “Looking at photography through a different lens”

A G+ Primer

So you’ve been thinking about setting up a G+ account, but the platform is confusing. As a veteran of the platform I’m here to try to demystify it for you. Why? Because G+ is a powerful social media platform that deserves a second look.

In the past G+ was organized around Circles which were confusing to say the least. More than a year ago the team behind G+ started organizing the platform around Collections and more recently Communities.  Let me try to break down these two major components of G+ and how to use them. Continue reading “A G+ Primer”

My LEGO Weekend

I got my LEGO geek on this weekend by attending my local brick convention: BrickCon. My convention isn’t particularly special, it’s just like any other brick convention that’s put on in any number of cities around the world. There are a lot of builders who show off their latest and largest creations, many new friendships are made and old ones are re-kindled, games are played, tips and tricks swapped and of course, lots of LEGO is purchased. Continue reading “My LEGO Weekend”

My 300th Blog Post – a walk down memory lane

Over the last two and one half years I’ve written 299 blog posts for Stuck in Plastic and this is number 300. My first post was published on February 11, 2014 and it didn’t take me long to find my voice. Throughout this amazing adventure there’s never been a dull moment and I’ve forged many amazing friendships. Continue reading “My 300th Blog Post – a walk down memory lane”

Series 16 Mini Figures – a review

Series 16 mini figures are out and unlike the last series, which was based on established Disney characters, these collectible mini figures are more in line with past series. We’re presented with 16 different (and mostly unique) characters, figures and costumed creatures designed to fuel the imagination. Each character carries within it the potential for a new and unique story to be explored, and of course, to be photographed. Continue reading “Series 16 Mini Figures – a review”