Inspiration. Derived from the latin inspirare or to breathe in is according to Wikipedia the unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or another artistic endeavor like shooting plastic. Inspiration. Our second word in our journey here in twenty seventeen has often been credited with a divine power. The muses with the old greeks …

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Evel Knievel

We keep a close eye on what happens on stage in the wondrous world of TED. So when we found Chris Milk sharing with us his first toy on stage and explain in great plastic detail how Evel Knievel has inspired him to create great works of art (and even taking a small side tour …

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The secret doorway

As most of you know I tend to explore the realms of TED and sometimes I feel very much connected with the people on stage and have the urge to share it with you here. When I heard Mac explain his professional job is to lie to children and instantly continued with a quote of …

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A most hectic week is coming to an end. From crazy staff meetings with Darth on the latest flavor of the marshmallows being served in the Canteen on the Death Star to visiting other big Inc. headquarters near the origin of mankind in Europe in the surroundings of Heidelberg. One question has been brewing in …

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