Inspiration – TED Talks

We have been sharing on twitter some of the TED talks that inspire us and we thought it was a good idea to put them in a little list (we teamed up with the folks at to get some interactive social lists here on our little website, so expect some more lists in the future. If you are a user, do let us know so we can follow eachother there as well). Continue reading “Inspiration – TED Talks”


Inspiration. Derived from the latin inspirare or to breathe in is according to Wikipedia the unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or another artistic endeavor like shooting plastic.

Inspiration. Our second word in our journey here in twenty seventeen has often been credited with a divine power. The muses with the old greeks or gods like Odin here in the Nordics.  In more recent times, renowned psychologists like Sigmund Freud brought the creative drive back to the subconscious and the inner psyche of the artists. And others linked inspiration directly to the social and political environments where one is living in.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Inspirations. The second word in our plastic journey” quote=”“I am your Inspiration”- Cleo, Muse of History, Greek Goddess”]

Most probably all of the above has some truth to it, but it would take us way beyond the sound of shooting plastic. When looking at this month word of inspiration we want to explore what is inspiring us as individuals.

What are our divine or much more down to earth triggers and sources of inspiration?

When talking about inspiration, we want to take you (and ourselves) on a journey of what inspires us, and see how this influences our creative work.

Looking at inspiration way beyond our direct creative field and see how we can use this inspiration in our own journey.

Look for who inspire us in our day to day lives. Who has been an influence and brought inspiration to us throughout our journey here on this planet. What exactly was it that attracted us, inspired us, and how can we bring this now back into our plastic photography.

This one is not easy … Continue reading “Inspiration”

Evel Knievel

We keep a close eye on what happens on stage in the wondrous world of TED. So when we found Chris Milk sharing with us his first toy on stage and explain in great plastic detail how Evel Knievel has inspired him to create great works of art (and even taking a small side tour in the topic of another all time favourite called copyright infringement) all in the first few minutes of his talk, we knew we were in good company.

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The secret doorway

As most of you know I tend to explore the realms of TED and sometimes I feel very much connected with the people on stage and have the urge to share it with you here.

When I heard Mac explain his professional job is to lie to children and instantly continued with a quote of Pablo Picasso, my interest was spiked.

“We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies.” 

Pablo Picasso

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I went into the cupboard and looked for the secret door.
I found a long lost brick.

So, go and check under the bed for the green monsters and dinosaurs and check that cupboard for the secret doorway to your fantasy world.

Let us know what you found !


A most hectic week is coming to an end.

From crazy staff meetings with Darth on the latest flavor of the marshmallows being served in the Canteen on the Death Star to visiting other big Inc. headquarters near the origin of mankind in Europe in the surroundings of Heidelberg.

One question has been brewing in my mind since our epic journey came to an end and new adventures are kicking in.

A very simple question.

A question that goes back to the old philosophers in the ancient world and beyond.

A question Simon (re)introduced and made easy in the corporate world when he spoke at TED a while back when he talked about the golden hour circle.

A question that we should all ask ourselves.

A question we do talk often about in our posts and in our talks.


Why are we shooting little plastic pieces most people call toys ?
Why are we going to great lengths in getting that right piece of brick ?
Why do we put our friends and family in awkward situations when we go to great lengths to get that fantastic shot ?
Why do we give selfies to our close friends and believe our pictures should be stuck to a wall.

We are not the first to shoot plastic.
We are not unique in our photography.
We are not the rich and famous.

Yet, we believe that being stuck in plastic here with you is the right thing, even if we don’t have all the answers yet.


That is indeed the question.

A question we will be exploring in more details the coming weeks.

From neocortex to art statement.
From limbic to printing big.
From IG to RL.

Stay Tuned.

We are all in the same boat …

While Shelly keeps us updated with great pieces of literature we should all consume in order to grow our artistic self, I try to keep an eye on what is happening in the online world of TED and share some of it with all of you when I believe it connects with what we are trying to explore here.

When I enjoyed the latest TED collection I was blown away with this simple story told by a small boy from the ship yard and how his dream and determination changed his live forever.

A story that truly touched me …

” … The fact is, whether you’re a rock staror whether you’re a welder in a shipyard,or a tribesman in the upper Amazon,or the queen of England,at the end of the day,we’re all in the same boat …”

Let us know below in the comments what you think about it and if we are indeed all in the same boat.