Little big adventures

It’s just a question of size

LEGO just released the fantastic Ideas set Pirates of Barracuda Bay.
It’s quite a big box full of bricks and minifigures and I must confess, there are stars in my eyes when I look at it.
In fact, almost every big set will do the same: bricks, bricks everywhere, and a large final build.
Large enough to make me ask myself: where would you put it?
The Batman UCS Tumbler, the Creator Mustang, Ideas Old Fishing Store, Quinjet, Airjutsu Temple, Lunar Lander, the SPACESHIP, all the Ninjago stuff, all the Star Wars ships…
All those sets are awesome, but it takes also a lot of space…

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To boldly go …

Growing up, and to this day, even, my absolute favorite genre of any media was Sci-fi; I was raised on classics like Star Wars, Trek, The Twilight Zone, etc., so I was very happy when I saw that Series 17 of Lego’s Minifigures had a Retro Spaceman, and even more excited to have the opportunity to review him for Stuck In Plastic!

Space themes are nothing new to Lego, especially the Minifigure range which seems to more often than not have at least one space related figure per series. However, this is the first mini figure that’s themed on early/mid-20th-century sci-fi designs, and I have to say, Lego did a great job with this Minifigure!

Right out of the bag, our spacefaring friend comes equipped with his helmet, his ray-gun (both of which are new molds to my knowledge), and his cape (which I personally think he looks better without). Continue reading “To boldly go …”

Photographing the blank spots

-I see spaceships

A good friend of mine has this odd ability to see human faces in everything around him. A spit on tarmac or a shape of a lawnmower turns into an image of a face in his mind. It’s not just in his mind though, he photographs them so that he can show other people that he’s not crazy. Looking at the photos you also see the faces, you just never notice them there and then. I’m not entirely sure whether he’s happy with this trait called Pareidolia. Sometimes I get the feeling he would rather do without it. Continue reading “Photographing the blank spots”

Origins of a Style

Style has been a topic here in some recent posts, I thought I’d join the conversation with something that came up today.

Yesterday I posted a photograph of an X-wing model on a snowy landscape. I’m very happy with it, I worked on it pretty hard. It’s also a “my style of photograph”.

The X-wing fighter.

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