SiP Summer Workshop 2021: Never a Dull Moment

The Stuck in Plastic workshops always promises to be exciting, but I was not anticipating how much of an adventure the SiPSummerWorkshop2021 would be.

The mystery package

Having participated in the SiPSpringWorkshop2021 workshop, I had a better idea of what to expect leading up to the workshop; keep an eye on the blog for details, complete the sign-up process, and then wait for your mystery package to arrive. Or so I thought. The packages failed to show up – in Korea and on the tracking website. PostNord had lost track of our packages (@Legitbricks_ and mine). To be fair, the world is going through a pandemic, so no hard feelings.

The mystery package is nowhere to be found
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An Awesome Explosion of Colour

It was no ordinary Saturday, in fact the Stuck in Plastic #SiPSummerworkshop2021 was due to commence. When suddenly! The crew and friends, realised they had actually woken up to an awesome explosion of colour. The colours of the rainbow had spread across the world. The bricks had landed in all sorts of different locations. With help needed. The workshop participants called on a group of superheroes to restore the chaos that had dominated Planet Earth. 

To save the day. The awesome citizens were asked to create a magical heart made from their generated colour. This would help to restore the rainbow, bringing peace and love back to the world. 

Along the way, the superheroes thought it best to have help because after all, everyone is awesome especially those who were already starting to rebuild the hearts after the explosion …

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