PS. Deadline

When we set the timeline for the project due date at the 31st March, we implicitly introduced the deadline. The deadline finds it origin (*) in the early days of journalism and the printing press, with the guideline marked on the press plate that set the boundaries. The deadline in which everything needed to fit and has further evolved into the daily deadline of the printing press (I feel old, I can’t remember when the last time was I read a real newspaper on this fish and chips packing paper). Deadlines evolved in drop dead dates we all recognize from school or project work.

Working towards a deadline gives a special rush, a kick, simular like a live performance on stage. There is that pressure to deliver. Live TV. On Air. No endless turning around of ideas, finding a better angle or a slightly more interesting storyline. The deadline is … the deadline. Continue reading “PS. Deadline”

Process and Story

The Process

When I read about this month’s Project, I was first excited and ideas started to pop into my head as I was reading Boris’ blog post. Then as I was going through the list of constraints I started to get afraid I couldn’t make it. There were two major obstacles for this project to be a success: a limited number of pictures and an end.

Most of my projects, which I usually simply call challenges or photo series,  have rarely an end. They are ongoing series that I put on hold when I lack ideas until I find some inspiration again. After all, the goal of wandering is not to get to a final destination. Continue reading “Process and Story”

On the subject of projects… and pandas

Why do we do projects?
Why do we start photographic projects?
Why do we launch ourselves in the daunting task of taking pictures on a regular basis or with particular constraints?

It’s intimidating, stressful and exhausting.
So why do we do it?

'Every project has challenges, and every project has its rewards.' - Stephen SchwartzClick To Tweet

When you tackle a project, you know that it will not be easy.
You will suffer but in the end, you will learn something from it.
Continue reading “On the subject of projects… and pandas”


This month word is a pretty simple one.
One we use quite often, in our day to day live, at home, at school or at work. One every photographer should explore more if not yet fully part of his or her photographer’s toolbox.
And that is exactly what we will be doing this month.
Explore it more.
Practice it.
The word of March is simply Projects. Continue reading “PS”


I haven’t worked on a specific photography project for some time, preferring to take photos when a photographically feasible idea appears in my head. If you look at my photostream on Flickr or Instagram you’ll see my photos are pretty random. They all contain toys, LEGO specifically, and some of them are even in what I’ve decided is ‘my style’. But there’s no consistency in theme, you couldn’t describe my work in terms less broad than “he’s the guy who takes photos of cute Stormtroopers”. Continue reading “Projects”

The “Abandoned” Pile

The process of taking a photograph often leads to variations and alternative takes on the subject at hand. Well, with me it does. I have been posting these extra images under the prefix ”Reject” or ”Alternative” from time to time. There are still some on my computer HD, old and new, I will post them in due time. Continue reading “The “Abandoned” Pile”