Requiem For Esteem

Sara Goldfarb

Finding Inspiration In Words, Again

I recently had to leave town for work. After packing my bags (including the now mandatory for any journey off the property, LEGO minifigures), I grabbed a book from our bookshelves (I’d just finished the latest BricksCulture magazine cover to cover) for the plane flight and the few days away. Continue reading “Requiem For Esteem”

Rainy Day Activities

Dry-lo Ren

Weather or not

As my northern hemisphere friends gloat of warm weather and sunshiny days (maybe not my UK friends) I find myself bunkered down indoors with the fire lit as sheeting rain pummels the roof.

I like the rain. It’s good to us. It fills our watertanks. It feeds our veggie patches. It replenishes our lake.

Nevertheless, the rain now presents a new dilemma for me with the recent acquisition of a “real“ camera. Continue reading “Rainy Day Activities”

Inspiration – where do you find it?

When I am taking photographs, I don’t know if it is the start of a new project or only a series of pictures. It all depends on different things, like how the idea works out, if and when I get inspired and my ability to stick to the idea. You probably recognize this.

When I’m in this position – looking for inspiration to start, I tend to find myself procrastinating waiting for the tricks that usually get me going and generally inspire me. Even though I believe that Mike is right, the more I photograph the more inspired I get. Continue reading “Inspiration – where do you find it?”


This past week I have been in full blown procrastination mode a la Avanaut. I find myself doing practically anything instead of working on those large, self imposed, projects I set out for myself.

My procrastination is so bad, I am actually tackling the dreaded and tedious task of sorting LEGO, cleaning out my closets and of course escaping into the nearby wilderness with kids and friends in tow. Sure my house is cleaner, my LEGO is getting a much needed major reorganization and I have certainly enjoyed taking mini figure photos in some spectacular scenery; but those projects I set before me to do are still begging for my attention.

In fact there is a very cute little brown faced figure sitting on my desk, staring at me, wondering when we are going to get started on our project. I have to tell my little friend to be patient a little longer because I think this down time, this procrastination, is a good thing.

One of my favorite authors, Hillary Mantel, said this about procrastination:

Imagination only comes when you privilege the subconscious, when you make delay and procrastination work for you.

While I am working so hard not to work, I know my subconscious is busy working out the problems ahead of me. Instead of running head long into an impasse, I am slowly figuring out the work arounds. I think this is what Ms Mantel was talking about when she says: “make delay and procrastination work for you.”

I am learning to embrace these white spaces, the down time, and have faith that when the time is right, the photographs I am looking for will flow effortlessly.

In the mean time, I will leave you with a couple of very recent images that I couldn’t be happier with.

~ xxSJC

Watermarked Photo-1
Enjoying the Moment

Procrastination Vol.X (The Sunday Edition)

I must say I have reached new heights with avoiding work. This, even though I love my job! This weekend was horrible, I had so much to do, a deadline on monday, this and that, odds and ends… the list is long.

But what is it all about, really? I mean, working while avoiding work?

Continue reading “Procrastination Vol.X (The Sunday Edition)”


Procrastination is a most intriguing  word.

A word I gave a complete different meaning, and for some weird reason always had a religious connotation to it (it is Easter today – another religious connotation with a wide range of meanings and cultures).

Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the “last minute” before a deadline. Now it is out and we all (read me) what this word of the Shake-spearing language means. I would have called it being an opportunist, or a slacker, yet there may be more to this fancy word as some may say the  pleasure principle may be responsible for procrastination; one may prefer to avoid negative emotions, and to delay stressful tasks …

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The Art of Procrastination

This one is by request from Shelly.

The other day I was making final decisions on how my photographs would be displayed at the Seattle exhibition. The method of printing and mounting needed to be locked down and committing to it was surprisingly difficult. To push back the final word I circled around and about it by doing something else: I shot a new photograph, this one:

The Master of First Impressions

Yeah, procrastination, it’s not always the best way to go but you know, for me it’s often the most creative state. I’ve shot several photographs under pressure or generally avoiding things I should’ve actually been doing. Like the examples below.

This was shot in the middle of house repairs gone wrong and being extremely busy and stressed out with that and work. Sadly, I have lost the original files, the image here is the biggest I have left. How fitting:

Samwise the Brave

These “black series” scale model photographs came from being immersed in projects and the inability to concentrate on much, the simple idea was to be able to shoot something nice but without the need for setups or rigging that would need time to execute. Quick breathers from what I was actually supposed to do:

The TIE Fighter.

Some of the re-edits in my photo stream came from moments of laziness to digging out the camera. Sitting by the computer and flipping through the stuff already there, while not being able to concentrate on anything productive, can paradoxically end up with nice upgrades to old material.

While preparing to write this post, I procrastinated even further. I shot this closeup, another in a series of Lego mugshots, before actually sitting down and starting to write.

Tusken Raider Portrait. Or “Spike”, as I like to call that guy. Punk.

Then, as I didn’t like my text, I turned around, took the nearest Lego model out of the box and shot this:

Police Spinner from Blade Runner. A very nice model designed by Kaitimar, built with instructions from his website.

The photographs for the exhibition? Yes, those.. Well, I decided.

Then, I wrote this.

Ps. Happy Valentine’s Day.