Three (sugar) cubes with a coffee

Sunday morning, 9 AM (or is it 11 AM…). I need a coffee. And above all, I need ideas. I need to make some creative pictures for the review of the new LEGO Minecraft sets.
In a couple of weeks, TLG will release a series of 3 “bigfigs” and I have to prepare a post…

But first coffee… maybe with a cube (of sugar).

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Minecraft – The Village

First I want to thank The LEGO Group for sending Minecraft set 21128, The Village, for me to review. You’re probably thinking: Minecraft? Really? On a photography blog?  But honestly, I have a soft spot for Minecraft. I’ve photographed Steve in Sweden, on the top of Rattlesnake Ridge and in the local park. Who can resist that square head? Continue reading “Minecraft – The Village”