My own “Escape the slug” picture

I am back from a well deserved vacation far from home and work. And I am happy to see that a new photo contest is in progress with #SiPgoesJedi.

When we received the news that TLG (read, The Lego Group) was sending us three sets numbered 6176782: Escape the Slug, for the challenge, I was excited and sad.

I was excited because it is an exclusive set which was only available in 2016 during the “May the Fourth” event and it depicts one of the most iconic scenes of the original Star Wars movies.

But at the same time, since I am part of the jury, I was sad because I will not be able to win one. But I am happy that three lucky and creative winners will receive this awesome prize. Continue reading “My own “Escape the slug” picture”

Which Way to Panorama?

I don’t upload in hi-res for quite obvious reasons. Among other things, I have once taken an entire book of my photographs down from a website. The images were downloaded from my Flickr account and extrapolated into this crummy print-by-demand book. It was hideous! They took it down in seconds after an email from my attorney, so that was good.

This happened even when I only upload images too small to make a good wallpaper for your computer. I can’t think what it would be with hi-res originals online.

But sometimes I wish I did upload images in hi-res. Let me explain. My most recent photograph was shot with an iPhone 6S, it’s a panorama shot taken for documenting the locaton I was in, not really with a finished image in mind. When I opened the image on my desktop computer I realized just how amazing the detail in it really was, and despite it’s origins, I had to do something with it. This is what I came up with:

An iPhone panorama photograph. Typography pending.

There is a long story to go with it in the Flickr upload of this, a story about how the idea for this is 37 years old. But that’s not the topic for this post. Continue reading “Which Way to Panorama?”

Behind The Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy, Part 3

This is another post in the a ”Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy” series, where I take a closer look at a few of the photographs created exclusively for the book. This time it’s actually two photographs. Continue reading “Behind The Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy, Part 3”