Travel Part 2 – Back to Norway

I fell in love… with Norway.

There is no other word or expression I can use to describe how my Easter trip affected me. Not two weeks had passed that I decided to go back to Norway for the weekend of the First of May. I was looking for something to do in Finland, maybe in Lapland. But in the end, it seemed that I would rather drive a bit more to Norway. Continue reading “Travel Part 2 – Back to Norway”

Happy Flowers and Chocolate Day

Whether you´re a hopelessly romantic person or rather a pedestrian one…
Whether you´re a florist or candy manufacturer or an allergy sufferer with diabetes…
Whether your religion is encouraging you on this day or it is telling you to renounce this rite… Continue reading “Happy Flowers and Chocolate Day”



There is a lot to be grateful for like Shelly says in her last post. Grateful for the fantastic opportunity of having this unique exhibition in Seattle, grateful of going places and taking shoots, grateful of meeting so many new friends, grateful of just having you.

This whole crazy idea we embarked on just over a year to start our creative collective and take plastic places is a journey we could not have done without you.

You have walked along, ahead, aside and behind us all the way (we are just starting, this is not our end station), and while our exhibition is featuring Shelly, Avanaut and myself on the main stage, this exhibition is equally yours.

You, as the creative soul, the toy photographer, our friend, collector and corresponding A, T and PFOL alike are equally with us in our images and in the exhibition.

You are part of the adventure.

You are the adventure.

Lady Love


Ps. This shoot of Lady Love shot on the beaches of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, US is dedicated to all of you. Dedicated to you, because we Love you, because you are our creative life guard watching over us, playing with us, and keeping us safe and sound on the ground. Dedicated to you because this shoot of Lady Love is a promise to our next stuckinplastic exhibition somewhere on Planet Earth to continue the celebration of all things plastic. With you !