Feature Friday

It is Friday.
We launched our #SiPgoesTGIF weekly challenge on Instagram this morning and for those of you who don’t like Mark and are ignoring FB and IG, it is all about Black and White Photography.

You can read the challenge below (and in the unlikely event you don’t follow this crazy bunch of toy photographers on IG, then now is the time, we just hit 10K followers and are a little bit proud of that).

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Happy Friday

Yep. It is Friday again and we have a new tradition starting to form with SiPgoesTGIF.
And this week we are looking at all things RED.
You could read all about that on Instagram this morning or already on Monday this week in our chatrooms (or should we say Discord Server) when we announce the new challenge.

But we have another tradition we are picking up again this Friday.
A tradition about all of you.
A tradition called Feature Friday.
Featuring every Friday a toy photographer we like.
One that caught our eye.
In our circles of close and old friends.
Or new friends.
Or far friends just tagging us on IG with #stuckinplastic.

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