Naked in Seattle

So, I said yes to a photo walk in Seattle the other day. It would be easy, I thought, just another day down by the beach. But, alas, it was not, I should have known. Shooting among the others made me feel naked. NAKED!

On the day of the photo walk we met with a small group of really nice people at the statue park, everybody had their gear ready and we just went for it. As I took out my camera (note to self: never leave home without the big camera) and something to shoot, I just couldn’t do it. Not right there in front of others. You know how it is when you’re naked in front of people (come on, everybody has had that dream at least once), it can be quite distracting. I took my little scene away from others in order to concentrate even a little. It didn’t really work. I shot a frame here, another there, everything looked terrible and eventually I just decided to act as if I was photographing.

The only thing that was awkward, however, was me. I have never photographed with anyone else in the vicinity. Well, maybe the kid has watched sometimes but it’s different. I saw others go with apparent ease, enjoying the experience and the beautiful day. I was looking for an exit.

Then, a kid offered me a red gummi bear candy, it dropped to the ground and I figured that was my chance. I picked it up and yes, I shot a few nice frames of it just like that, on a rock.

Then Shelly gave me a dinosaur. The dinosaur and the gummi bear made a swell pair and I took them to a rock near where Wiiman was shooting his scenes. As I was setting the dinosaur and the gummi bear by the shore I fell into the familiar state of flow and everything was right.

The contemporary urban dinosaur (Bellariavenator Urbanus), surviving on leftovers, preferably candy because of the high sugar content. Dinosaurs love candy!

I am not used to photographing outdoors, I’ve done it a few times years ago, but as the afternoon was upon us I had experienced a really nice day with fellow photographers, and a moment when I didn’t mind being naked.

It was a good day.