Ten Years Of Collectible Minifigures

Meet Carl

Carl is the one who was chosen by our innocent lucky hand, to receive a full series of the upcoming of CMF20. His mission is to portrait and to review them for us. Here´s a first batch of five new citizens of the LEGO universe.

Hip Hop Girl

I have a big collection of minifigures from different ranges, but a new Collectable series is always a highlight for me. Not just because of all the new elements they add, but the great thought and detailing the design teams at LEGO put onto every single figure. 

The hip hop girl is a great example of a great print design, a lovely headpiece and a cool overall look. In order to capture the personality of the character, I wanted to use an urban setting. I’ve already used this brick wall for a few projects. It’s always an interesting backdrop.

She´s got street credibility

Green Brick Suit Guy

The 3rd one of these that LEGO have made and a nice way to mark 10 years of Collectable Minifigures. It’s admittedly not the most interesting figure, but they always make likeable happy faces and are a nice nod to the classic LEGO brick.

The rainbow concept came from an idea that has become popular in the UK during the lockdown: children are putting rainbows in their windows for other children to see when they are getting some outdoor time. I printed this to go in our window for others to see.

Hurra! Hurra! Hurra! 10 Years of Collectible Minifigures!
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Surfin’ Out


Hey there. Here’s a little information about Bert, his kids, and vegetables in general. Give a warm welcome to @Brickmione… and his take on Easter Veggies


EXTRA fijn Brickuelle Pois!

My kids like vegetables more than french fries, so no wonder that Peapod Costume Girl is our favourite. I especially like the fact that there’s a print on the torso. We didn’t see one on the pizza guy nor the water melon or crayon. My first impression was that the peas in the suit would have the size of a real pea, but infact they’re bigger. I checked.

Check it out yourself …

Is this just Fanta Sea

After Wendy’s Garden we got our second review in of the new LEGO CMF Series Twenty. This time from Bert aka Brickmione who shared the idea behind Is this just Fanta Sea with us.

The idea

The idea came up during diner. Corona-weekend means that the children are allowed a little more than usual. The oldest daughter found some Fanta in the cupboard. She wanted to try it while I thought she doesn’t even like it. But then this meme came into my mind.  

Is this the real life? Is this just Fanta sea? 

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Wendy’s Garden

We recently asked you if you were interested in doing a photographic review of the brand new minifigure series on Instagram and your response was overwhelming. Over 100 responses in just a short while. And our young of heart and innocent hand-selected not one, not two, but fourteen toy photographers to partake in this crowd review. We packaged the envelopes. And we shipped all this awesomeness to the photographer’s home address. And now the first packages have arrived…

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Twenty. A first impression

Today LEGO announced officially the new series twenty and celebrates 10 years of the LEGO minifigure series with a brand new series 20. We got our hands on a box full of minifigure goodness and we will be sharing our first impression here and look for toy photographers who want to review their favorite minifigure for us. Read on.

But first, what is in the box?

You all by now have seen the announcements of LEGO and the detailed box art of the series twenty, and we will be sharing our first impressions with a photographer’s eye. But we can confirm there are 3 full series in the box.

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