Twenty Years of UCS

An Easter Surprise For YOUR Coffeetable?

About twenty years ago The LEGO Group decided to sign a licensing agreement with Lucasfilm to produce sets based on the Star Wars saga. Shortly after the official announcement LEGO started a new series called Ultimate Collector’s Series. Last year author Rafael López from Spain published a book to celebrate the first twenty years of said series.

Describing this book with few words isn’t an easy task. The U2-CB Ultimate UCS Collector’s Book, Unofficial Guide is far more than just another fan book. It is more than a list of sets that have appeared under the name UCS so far. And no, on its 236 pages it doesn’t only contain SW material…

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Gathering Assets

In this blog post, I want to continue to talk about the lessons I learned from my summer project. This blog post is also largely inspired by my recent reading of Todd Hido’s  “On Landscapes, Interiors, and the Nude”.

After my summer road trip, I had to take some distance from taking pictures.  Then, for the past four months, I’ve been taking photos at the same spot, with a very limited number of figures.

This is what I call “gathering assets”. (This term is borrowed from a few recent podcasts from Brooks Jensen.)

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The Martian

If you haven’t guess by now, looking at my social media feed, I love space. Be it the classic spacemen from my childhood or the Star Wars universe, I always dreamt to see our planet from the outside.

I don’t know if there is any link with my work and my passion for aircraft, but space looks interesting to me because there is still so many discoveries and scientific advances to be made in this area, either in technology or in places to visit. The challenge is amazing and I am amazed to see that some private companies, like Space X, are accomplishing what was only the work of nations in the past. I always try to watch every lift off and landing of their launchers. They are able to send a spacecraft beyond our atmosphere and have it land back on a “small” drone barge. What an accomplishment. Continue reading “The Martian”

Building a book

The book project

Back at the beginning of the Summer, Boris challenged us with making a book to show to our friends during our Scottish Adventures. More than four months later, I still haven’t really reported about it. I gave some hints about its content in my last blog post but that’s nearly all. Now that the amount of daily daylight is getting real short here in the North, it’s about time I reflect on it. (Moreover, this month’s word is “book“, and October’s month was “printing”.) Continue reading “Building a book”

Behind the Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy Part.2

Like the previous ”Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy” photograph I wrote about, this image isn’t a standalone true original idea either; it has roots in earlier versions. Actually, the earliest example I can pinpoint as predecessor to this idea of an interior filled with smoke to create an atmosphere, was with a South American cave setting using the Indiana Jones mini figure in 2009:

South America, 1938.

Their have been various tests of this approach over the years, trials and errors, but none have really nailed it. The first of these was in 2012. I created a crossover image using the Jabba’s Lair LEGO set 9516 with Indy Jones stealing the Chachapoyan fertility idol (a gold plated custom brick) from Jabba’s collections. There were some meta level gags in this image as the Indy Jones (Harrison Ford) mini figure recognizes the setting as somehow familiar. Continue reading “Behind the Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy Part.2”

Behind the Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy

As you may know,  last year DK Books published my LEGO Star Wars photography in a book titled: ”Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy”. It was subsequently translated into French, Spanish and Finnish. This was all kinds of fantastic. Continue reading “Behind the Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy”

New Book Arrivals

Our postman is always busy this time of year; letters, cards and parcel deliveries arrive frequently. Most of these are presents for friends and family mind you, I don’t want you to get the impression that I receive an avalanche of Christmas gifts from a huge network of super-generous friends. No, it’s mostly stuff I bought from Amazon. However, on Friday something special arrived through the letterbox.

This is my first year participating in the annual Stuck in Plastic “Best of” book swap, and a few days ago I sent my final design off to Apple for them to print into many shiny new books. Those books have now arrived.

I’m glad to say that the pictures look wonderful, and as far as I can tell I haven’t made any glaring spelling mistakes in the captions.

I ordered a few extra to keep as a memento of the year’s photography – it’s nice to look through the photos as a reminder of what I was doing photographically at a particular time. As it turns out, my 12 best photos of 2015 are quite nicely spread out over the year.

I briefly considered doing a themed set, but when I actually ran through all of the photos I’d taken I realised I’d only picked 15 from the year’s haul, and that didn’t leave me a lot to play with!

Next week I shall start shipping them out to the rest of the world. If you’re a part of the book swap this year, I hope you enjoy my little slice of 2015!