You got mail …

2016 is fast coming to a close, and so is our book exchange.

We have a good 14 and a half sign ups on our list, and some of you are eagerly waiting to get the shipping list, while some others are still finalizing their books and get them printed at Blurb.

You should all have gotten a short email from yours truly, confirming your participation and asking for your Blurb book exchange link (see original post rule III) and any last minute address changes. Continue reading “You got mail …”

Moving from the abstract to the concrete

I have raised my kids within the Montessori system of education which believes in the natural progression of learning that moves from the concrete to abstract. This concept is defined by the children first working with physical objects like wooden blocks and beads that represent abstract concepts like the number system and mathematical equations. Continue reading “Moving from the abstract to the concrete”

The 2016 SiP book exchange is about to start ….


It was only two months ago when I was sitting in a little coffee shop in Hamburg with some SiP members and we started browsing through all the fantastic books of the 2015 edition of the SiP book exchange edition and sharing some fond memories.  And here we are announcing the official 2016 SiP Book Exchange – Part III. Continue reading “The 2016 SiP book exchange is about to start ….”