Awesome !

Every Sunday the Crew gathers together on the roof of The Studio™ and we discuss the week ahead, the one that has gone by, take a dip in the pool, grill some burgers and enjoy each other company.

Today we had a feature guest passing by for some fun and awesome pizza, beer and burgers.

Benny™  wanted to get all the gear out and extend the fun into the bubble pool, which we did.

We took some great snapshots, played with the strobes and had fun.

Among all the questions we ask ourselves here on SiP, we should not forget it is about having fun.

Exploring the awesome unknown.

Having fun.

Todays shoot is not gallery material and will not make it to the wall of an exclusive Stuck In Plastic collector, yet it was great fun with Benny™.

We enjoyed the moment and had some fun when shooting bubbles, regardless if they are considered art or just a snapshot of the moment (and the above pictures goes into my snapshot book).

This is what Stuck In Plastic all about.

From having Fun™ to Art™ collector material sticking high resolution full sized pictures to the wall of corporate board rooms and private bed rooms alike.

In the coming weeks we will take a deeper dive on why we are Stuck In Plastic and what we want to achieve together with you, but whatever road we take it is all about having fun, one way or the other while we take a deep dive into our artistic self.



Shot at location in a Nordic Bubble Pool at an undisclosed location midst alien unidentified underwater objects.  

My original royal post has been delayed since Benny crashed the party.

170 degrees

This is post 170 since our very first post in February of this year.

The first post featuring Shelly landing on unexplored shores in Nordic countries.
A post quickly followed by our second post where Shelly explained we are an art collective, continued with a rollercoaster of other posts.
An average of 20 posts a month.

A journey of posts exploring our own artistic selves, looking for influences and the reasons why we shoot what we shoot and are what we are.

Stuckinplastic is more than just a hashtag on Instagram or the random ramblings from Shelly and Me2. Stuckinplastic is looking to define an art collective of like minded photographers, digital illustrators, story tellers and visual artists alike who want to take their work beyond the instant gratification of likes on IG, Flickr, FB or any of the social media we all crave once in a while and share a common goal, passion and understanding.

We want to take our plastic work into the printed walls of galleries, board and bedrooms alike and connect with our audience.

Define our bricked photography as the soup cans of our age.

Stuck In Plastic is not an easy or fast road, it is not an instant movement of the next great picture or awesome effect that blasts us all away like a genie in a bottle of soda.

It is not about the gear, the bricks or the tricks of the trade.
It is about all of that and yet it is soo much more.
It is about finding our artistic selves and meeting new people.
Sometimes we ask too much questions or dive too deep.

It is a long and windy road and we are just at the beginning of this great journey.

A journey you are all part of.

From being a distant reader who enjoys our posts, to some of you walking along and helping define the soup cans with us here on IG and G+ or giving us guidance by walking ahead and being an inspiration for all of us as a distant legend.

We are extremely proud to welcome our third member of the inner circle of the order of the soup cans here at Stuck In Plastic.

A member who doesn’t need any long and windy introductions.

Welcome Avanaut.

May Fourth™

May The Fourth Be With Ye All …


PS. If Ye are not familiar with May Fourth do check out Shelly’s latest post

Footnotes to self:
Day XV in my personal challenge.
As always, stay tuned and leave your view in the comments below or on your social platform of choice … and enjoy the international world wide #starwarsday 

The Spring Equinox

With the Spring Equinox in full force and the Bunny Crew out and about in the garden to hunt for eggs and candy it is time to sit back.

Sit back, and reflect at some of the postings Shelly made earlier this week here on Stuck In Plastic and the discussions we had in The Foyer and The Dark Room over at G+.

The use of DSLR, the search for the inner self, or the challenge of becoming a better photographer, artist or even brick. 

All very valid questions and challenges and part of the dialogue we want to create with our work here at Stuck In Plastic.

And this is where the problem starts. 

I am not always part of that dialogue and push Shelly in a monologue by being stuck in board rooms on the Death Star and other crazy adventures my NDA does not allow me to talk (let alone blog) about it.

So, let me take this equinox and birthday celebration of Ēostre and Freya and accept the challenge Shelly so clearly lays forward in her latest post.
One post a day here at Stuck In Plastic, not for 30 days but until the next summer solstice is upon us …

Wish me luck !

The Flow – Part I

Last weekend I was stuck in a small city called Leuven exploring some of the secret portals they have hidden in plane sight and I was really struggling with my on the road workflow (hence the reason I did not post a blog or a quick selfie on instagram) as there is more to the flow than just point, shoot and post …

So this morning, back in The Studio, armed with a cup of coffee I decided to upload Stargate™to Flickr when my happy flow and the rest of the day was ruined.

Flickr and Yahoo decided to have a battle with my identity provider and no longer offer a trusted sign on with Google (and Facebook) or at least a big pop up told me that soon my login would no longer be possible …

And so my early morning post on Shelly stealing topic and some of my on the road workflow musings got canned and this posting turned into a little rant.

I can understand the need for Yahoo (who owns Flickr) to try to regain a piece of the identity puzzle, but why they have to enforce this on the existing (paying) user base is beyond my understanding and I don’t understand why I am forced in a yahoo email address.

There is no incentive, no clear explanation, just the need to register yet another email address I will never use. 

I do like Flickr, and I stayed away from uploading my pictures into Picasa (the Google Flickr) but given the road Flickr and Yahoo have choosen (removing the blogger integration, removing the Google Identity integration, …) it is clear that Flickr wants me to choose between the Google ecosystem and theirs on the long run.

A choice that may not be in favor of Flickr after all … 

The very first post …

I have gotten the honour of posting the very first post here in our new brick log on and what else is better suited as a picture of Shelly landing in a far away destination ruled by Vikings from the North to kick these amazing adventures off …

Now, do stay tuned while we get the bits and pieces of the whole brick log worked out for you, but we (read me) are pretty proud we managed to get this very first post out without harming any bricks in the process.

Wanna know more what is upcoming ?

Add us to your RSS feed reader, bookmark this page or do any other of these crazy eighties things like comment below and stay tuned for the next update on all things Stuck In Plastic …