Missed Opportunities

I wrote a while back on how it’s a good idea to wait a while before deciding on your final image from a shoot. You’d think I’d take my own advice occasionally.

I thought I’d take a LEGO photo for Valentine’s day this year; it’s always a good excuse as I’m a sucker for Stormtroopers in romantic situations. This year I had a secondary reason: my itching desire to use a Force Awakens Stormtrooper in a photo. I’d had a few of those guys lying around unused for weeks, still clean, pristine, and free of dust. Nothing stays that way for long in a house with three cats. Continue reading “Missed Opportunities”


I was thinking the other day about how a lot of the photos I like can be described in only a few words. To take a few examples from hearing my own work described: “The men on the girder” (Lunch Atop a Skyscraper), “Stormtrooper looking out of a window” (Autumnal), “Vader and fire” (Inferno). I give all of my photos a title, but they’re only loosely tied to the image once it starts its journey around the Internet. They’re not to be relied upon. Continue reading “Describability”

Design in Photography

I haven’t taken many photographs over the Christmas period, instead I’ve taken Shelly’s suggestion and started looking into Lynda.com training videos. It’s a path I can highly recommend.

I haven’t been watching the tutorials you might expect, I’ve not watched many of the photography videos at all. Training videos that focus on photographic composition and process tend to assume you’re out in the wild taking shots of “found things” and scenes, and that’s not what I do at all. I create my scenes from scratch in the studio, and even when I photograph outdoors I have the photo I want in mind before I take it. Continue reading “Design in Photography”

New Book Arrivals

Our postman is always busy this time of year; letters, cards and parcel deliveries arrive frequently. Most of these are presents for friends and family mind you, I don’t want you to get the impression that I receive an avalanche of Christmas gifts from a huge network of super-generous friends. No, it’s mostly stuff I bought from Amazon. However, on Friday something special arrived through the letterbox.

This is my first year participating in the annual Stuck in Plastic “Best of” book swap, and a few days ago I sent my final design off to Apple for them to print into many shiny new books. Those books have now arrived.

I’m glad to say that the pictures look wonderful, and as far as I can tell I haven’t made any glaring spelling mistakes in the captions.

I ordered a few extra to keep as a memento of the year’s photography – it’s nice to look through the photos as a reminder of what I was doing photographically at a particular time. As it turns out, my 12 best photos of 2015 are quite nicely spread out over the year.

I briefly considered doing a themed set, but when I actually ran through all of the photos I’d taken I realised I’d only picked 15 from the year’s haul, and that didn’t leave me a lot to play with!

Next week I shall start shipping them out to the rest of the world. If you’re a part of the book swap this year, I hope you enjoy my little slice of 2015!